Joomla Users

Types of Users and Access Permissions

Users of Joomla! web sites can be broken down into two broad categories:


         Registered Users

Guests are simply visitors to your Joomla web site. Depending on how the Super Administrator

has configured the site, some content can only be viewed by Registered users while visitors can

only browse a limited amount of it, or all the content can be accessible.

Registered Users have registered with your site to obtain a username and password. This

username and password allows Registered Users to log into your site, receiving special privileges

not available to guests.

Registered Users are broken down into two groups:

         Front‐end Users

         Back‐end Users.

Front‐end Users

Front-end Users get additional rights over guests, which may include the ability to create and

publish content on the web site. We will generally refer to these users as content providers since

their primary goal is to provide content on the web site, not to administer the site or alter its


Content providers may provide new content through the web interface using an embedded

WYSIWG (What You See Is What You Get) editor without any knowledge of HTML coding.

Within the Front-end User classification there are four specific levels, the site administrator can

assign. These levels are: Registered, Author, Editor, and Publisher.

Back‐end Users

Back-end users -- Managers, Administrators, and Super Administrators -- are typically thought of

as the site administrators, but they also have access to the Front-end interface. Just as with the

Front-end Users, Back-end Users may have different privileges.